About Sara

Hi there! My name is Sara, but I also have about eleventy million nicknames. "Sarandipity" and "skeddy" seem to be the favorites. My real job title (the one that pays the bills) is Software Engineer. But, my passion lies in doing artsy creative girly projects!

I've been in the kitchen for as long as I can remember.  I helped my mom preserve fruits and jams and then started helping her make meals. My cooking style always leans to the healthy, so that I can save my calories for baking sugar-laden desserts and sweets!  Priorities, right?  Most of my recipes use little to no dairy because I'm sensitive to it. For recipes that do use dairy, I'll let you know if I've substituted or used the called-for ingredients.

I'm from the Pacific Northwest, but having lived in San Diego and now in Atlanta, my recipes and cooking style have been influenced by local specialities.  Now, while I really miss access to fantastic salmon and marionberries, I'm learning that collard greens can be a yummy addition to my diet.  I'm known as the baker amongst my friends, but I'm really trying to branch out so that I'm good at cooking too. 

I also have a personal blog, so if you're into lots of cutesy dog photos or if you're dying to catch a glimpse of Bo, head on over there.  Life gets hectic and busy, but I'm always dreaming of new recipes to try.  My motto: So many recipes, so little time :)


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