Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Healthy Super Bowl: Hot Wing Hummus and Pizza Hummus

I got really fed up with Pinterest the other day.  Sometimes, I swear, my feed is strictly cheese and donuts.  Which - don't get me wrong - are delicious (but maybe not together).  But when I'm trying to eat healthy and make a concerted effort to increase the amount of veggies in my diet, Pinterest can be the opposite of helpful.  So I dug up an old issue of the Food Network magazine, and whipped up these hummus recipes to share with you.

If you're making snacks for a Super Bowl party this weekend, these recipes are deliciously healthy alternatives to dips laden with cheese and sour cream.  They're great served with pita chips, but you can give your health a yummy boost by serving these dips with chopped veggies.  I luvvvv smearing hummus on cucumbers and bell peppers!  Both recipes below are full of flavor and quick and easy to whip up. 

Three Cheers for Healthy Snacks!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Healthier Broccoli Beef

Is it a happy Monday for you so far?  I super hope so.  After travelling last week to Kansas City and its 16 degree mornings, I'm definitely glad to be back here in the ATL, even if the weather can't make up its mind (very chilly weekend and then 70 degree prediction for tomorrow??).

Anyway, I wanted to share this quick weeknight recipe with you.  It's fantastic for getting loads of broccoli onto your plate, and like most Asian style cooking, it's pretty healthy - and tasty - all around.  I used bison in this recipe instead of beef because it was on sale and I just couldn't pass up all those omegas and lean, free range goodness.  This recipe would also work fantastically for venison if you've got that in your freezer.   It's quick to make, uses only one pan and is full of flavor.  Make a little extra to pack in your lunch the next day, and you'll be really glad you did.  I served this over steamed brown rice, but you can pair it with any carb you like best, or none at all.

I Heart Broccoli,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cuban Black Bean Soup

Hurrah, more soup!  This time of year just seems to be the perfect time to whip up all the amazing soup recipes I keep seeing out on the interwebs.  This one caught my eye because it's hearty enough that Bo doesn't grimace over the lack of meat.  But it's also dirt cheap to put together a huge pot of it.  Win win, am I right?

And once you get the black beans set to soaking, this soup comes together in no time at all.  It's fabulous to slow cook on a Sunday afternoon.  The bonus is that with all the leftovers, you'll have an easy lunch to pack with you all week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Chicken Noodle Soup

I just watched a thing on the news tonight that said that 70% of the people you hear coughing actually have the flu.  YIKES.  Knock on wood, but I haven't been sick in ages.  The last nasty cold I had was three years ago.  This is partly because we don't yet have kids.  But also because at the first sign of feeling run-down, I'm running around with a bottle of Vitamin C, mugs of hot water with honey and lemon, and getting extra rest.

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