Meal Planning

Every Saturday, I force myself to sit down and plan out our weekly meals.  Not because I love being Type A, but because I flat-out refuse to go to the grocery store during the week.  So I make a meal plan, make my grocery list, and head out to shop.  But, I often find myself in a food rut, with no idea what to plan for weekly meals.  So, I thought I'd start keeping a log of my ideas.  And I thought I'd share them with you; maybe you'll be able to steal some inspiration, too?  And hey, if you come up with ideas for me, pleeeeease share them!

     Carne Asada beef w/ quinoa & black beans
Tu  Stir fry w/ venison and rice noodles
W   BBQ chicken w/ grilled zucchini
Th  Homemade pizza w/ fruit salad
F   Steak w/ baked sweet potatoes and green salad

M      Crockpot lemon garlic chicken (new recipe) w/ rice & Swiss chard
Tu  (leftovers)
W   Grilled steak w/ loaded green salad
Th  Honey mustard chicken w/ fruit salad
F   Brown sugar salmon w/ balsamic asparagus

M   Tilapia breaded in almond meal, w/ green salad
Tu  Vietnamese chicken w/ sauteed veggies & rice
W   Turkey burgers, w/ new cucumber salad recipe
Th  Black rice w/ chicken sausage & shrimp & whatever veggies are left in my fridge
F   (dinner out)

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