Friday, April 25, 2014

Browned Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

{ tap tap tap }
Is this thing on?
Testing 1-2-3
{ clears throat }

Ahem!  So, uh, yeah.  It's been a minute since I last popped up here.  A year to be exact.  Oh, I've lurked around here occasionally, checking to see if anyone is doing any clicking in my absence.  But, posting?  With new recipes?  Obviously, no.  And now that I've finally (finally!) summoned up the bravery, I'm still trying to remember where all the buttons and links are in here.  AWOL blogger problems, no?

Let's see... Where did I leave off?  Oh yes, I had surgery (which turned out just fine, btw), and my parents were coming to visit a few weeks later.  They got all settled in, and then we sprang the news on them - we were eloping!  While they were here!  Yep, Bo and I decided to elope and threw the whole thing together within a month.  All my parents had to do was take me dress shopping and help make my wedding cake.

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