Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Name Game

As promised, a little back story on what the dickens is going on with this blog's name.  Poor little blog - slammed into an identity crisis by a girl who's just too busy (read: tired) to sit down and whip up a few quick banner graphics and finally put the confusion to bed (where I wish I could be right this minute).

So!  Here is Paul Harvey's "the rest of the story:"

When this blog was but a wee baby, there were six of us ladies posting recipes every week.  It was pretty awesome having all of our different cooking styles all in one place, but then life - as it's wont to do - got busy and hectic, and some of the ladies had to say goodbye.   And at some point, I was the last one left.  So, I grabbed this little blog by the reigns and decided to start making it my own.

I changed the layout, the colors, the pictures, the works.  But the one lingering item was the name.  The name "Blah to Ta-Daa" never really resonated with me, but if I'm being perfectly honest with you, the fact that I could never remember how to type the dang url is was the kicker.  If I can't even remember the url, how can I expect anyone else to?  Bad Sara!  So, I decided to snag us a fun name that's easy to remember and reflects my love for both baking and cooking.  And it's just cutesy enough to make my heart pitter patter with pride.

So, what you'll see is that the banner up top there will change.  I've been (mentally) creating a new banner with our new snazzy name.  (I'm not even close to a whiz with graphic design, so if what I make makes you snicker, I will accept apologies in the form of freshly baked snickerdoodles (see what I did there?).  Heavy on the cinnamon, please.)  And our url will finally change to something I can remember.  Everything should redirect for you, so you shouldn't need to change your Reader mappings or email subscriptions or anything. You should pretty much be able to sit back and watch things change before your very eye.  Like magic and stuff.

Please bear with me as I start getting the ball rolling!




  1. Go Sara!! We'll be here for you whatever the new name and URL is/are/will be.

  2. I can't wait to see the new design!!


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