Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome to From Blah to Ta-daa

Welcome to From Blah To Ta-Daa!!

We are five women blogger's spread out across the United States on a mission to spice up our Suppers!

We are going to be trying out new recipes in the hopes of getting out to the rut cooking for our families on an everyday basis as put us into.

We hope that you will come back every day to see what we are cooking up. We want to inspire you to step outside of the box and open your minds to all the food possibilities out there!!

Featuring 5 blogger's testing out new recipes with no limits other than their own daring...there is bound to be something interesting for everyone.

There's Sara - resident baker and cookie queen , B - cooking up healthy and kid friendly dishes, Mellisa - lover of comfort food and carbs, Brandy - food network addict, and Teresa - making meatless Monday's fun!

We want to see what you cook up week after week too! Every Sunday we will host a MckLinky Blog Hop for recipe posts!!

We are all very excited to share with you our food successes and fails. We will each be rating our recipes for you too.

So if you are tired of making the same old supper's join us on our yummy journey.

Meet the Gals:

"B" @ Life in the Bat Cave

I am a wife and busy mom of 3 very active kids. I feel like I need a personal secretary to keep track of their schedules and a private driver to help get them there! So when it comes to cooking, my philosophy is KISS...Keep it Simple Sweetheart! Nobody will ever mistake me for Betty Crocker, Donna Reed or Martha Stewart. If a recipe has a million steps or exotic ingredients, I will pass it over. I love the crock pot because I can throw dinner in and forget about it until dinner time. I'm always on the hunt for quick, easy, and family friendly recipes. My goals in the kitchen are to learn to alter existing recipes to fit my families tastes better and to get a little more adventurous.

Brandy @ The Buzz: My Coupon World


Hello Bloggy land!!!

I am Brandy the food network addict, and a stay at home mother of two beautiful and amazing little girls. I currently am working on expanding my Etsy shop, working part time for family, and running The Buzz blog.

As a new years resolution I decided I needed to try at least one new recipe each week to expand the variety of food that my family eats, to eat healthier and teach my children how to cook and eat right. I also will be diving into the new world of FREEZER meal cooking.

I am excited as we start this new journey into spicing up our suppers, and I hope your as excited to join us!

Mellisa @ Getting all my Ducks in a Row & Win My Year

Hi! I am Mellisa the Comfort food and Carb Queen. While some may be addicted to sweets and's the chili's, soup's and stew's that turn this Mama's head. But I also love making Fancy Schmancy dishes that are secretly very easy. I love a good video's so much easier to learn something when you can see it being made!

I developed a love of cooking from watching my favorite stars on the food network. I was a stay at home Mom without any skills to speak of in the kitchen. After watching for a few years I can honestly say that I have a few methods up my sleeve.

My Food Moto: Realize that while recipes are meant to be followed - dishes are made to be shared!

I will be sharing them with my family - Hubby, Jakob (9), Av (7), E (5) and our princess of a daughter Miss Maddy (2).

I want to teach my kids to learn a love of cooking, eating and creativity in the kitchen!

Sara @ sweet somethings & Sarandipity Sweets

Hi there! My name is Sara, but I also have about eleventy million nicknames. "Sarandipity" and "skeddy" seem to be the favorites. My real job title (the one that pays the bills) is Software Engineer. But, my passion lies in doing artsy creative projects!

I'm known as the baker amongst my friends, but I'm really trying to branch out so that I'm good at cooking too. As much as I'd love to subsist only cookies, I probably shouldn't. I try to cook a new dinner recipe a few times a month, so I'm excited that this blog will give me a reason to be more consistent about that. (Sidenote: You should've seen my boyfriend Bo's eyes light up when I told him that I'd be doing recipe posts weekly. He's seriously in heaven right now.)

The other bit about me that you should know is that my side business is called Sarandipity Sweets. I tend to talk about it a lot, because I get all jump-up-and-down excited over new ideas that pop into my head. I promise that I'll do my best to spare you the monotonity. I also have a personal blog, so if you're into lots of cutesy dog photos or if you're dying to catch a glimpse of Bo, head on over there.

If you have questions or need recipe help, I'm definitely taking requests! I love hearing ideas from people, because it gets me thinking in a totally new direction. Plus, if I know that anyone needs a great recipe for something-or-other, I love to jump in to help!

Teresa @ Money Saving Maine-iac

Hi! My name is Teresa. I live in coastal Maine with my family of 7. Feeding a large family has taught me, out of necessity, how freeze and preserve food for later use. I love baking bread and teaching our boys how to bake as well. Our kitchen surely is the heart of our home. Food is comfort, love and a great deal of fun when we're all in the kitchen together! My husband David and our 4 boys Stephen (25) and his wife Ariel, Sam (19), Seth (11), and Sawyer (7) gather around the "Honeymoon Table" at my other blog Money Saving Maine-iac.
I've become curious about vegetarian cooking and I'm looking forward to growing in understanding and expanding my abilities with preparing meatless dinners. Come cook with me! We'll learn together.

We are looking for some great for 4 great recipe's to feature in February -- Link up your favorite recipe post and it might be yours!!


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