Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Berry Birthday Cake for Rory

Happy Birthday, Rory!  Yep.  Today she turns 9!*

Just like last year, I went and made a birthday cake just for her.  But unlike last year, I'm now a little unsure about the ingredient list.  I got the recipe from a dog-blog type website, complete with all kinds of beautiful photos and everything you could think of for the spoiled dog in your life.  But then I went googling the ingredients, and now I'm thinking I can't recommend the recipe.  Booooo!  The main ingredient was almond meal, and while it seems that almonds are not toxic to dogs (macademias definitely are), lots of sites suggest that you keep all nuts away from dogs.  And I'm thinking it's not a bad idea.  Maybe next year, I'll just make her a cake out of grass-fed beef or something.  Til then, enjoy the photos, if not the recipe :(


*  I think it's today.  She was nearly full grown when I adopted her, so her actual birthday is just a guess by the vet.  But we've stuck with it.

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  1. That seriously just gives me the hugest of smiles. Thanks for the share and happy birthday Rory. :)

  2. Happy Birthday Rory. Grandma misses

  3. Happy Birthday Rory!


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