Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gardening + I Aren't Getting Along

This is my 2nd year of trying to garden and let's just say it's not going as planned. Who knew it would be this hard to squeeze a few veggies out of these plants?

I had dreams of growing enough veggies to keep my family of 6 eating their 5 a day all summer long but have yet to harvest anything more than 2 puny roma tomatoes and 1 sad looking banana pepper.

Thankfully while visiting with my family, my Aunt Kirsten took me on a walk through her garden...and my hope has been renewed.

I was amazed at all the vegetables that were in a word, bountiful.

I am feeling very resolute now as I look at my poor pitiful garden and can recognize the hard work that must be put in to grow things. It takes daily weeding, watering and lots of good old fashioned family time.

Her whole family helps with the work, and they have been blessed with enough for themselves plus plenty to giveaway and even a bit to sale. 

Even though I live in rural Oklahoma, this was the first time that I have seen corn actually growing on the stalk. While she was laughing at my antics trying to snap a ton of pictures, I was busy trying to capture the feeling of being able to walk outside to gather dinner. Could you imagine?

Instead of loading up 4 kids in the hot car,
driving to the store,
walking the aisles (buying a ton of stuff that I don't need)
and then having to lug it all the way home
and finally putting it away?

Most of the time after a grocery store trip, I'm just to exhausted to cook.

But if I could just walk outside and pick and wash...we'd be eating fresh from the garden every night!

Along with all the glorious veggies, she also has a massive patch of watermelon and cantaloupe sprouting. I told her when they are ready I would love to bring the kids down so they could see it growing right on the vine. I am convinced that my kids think food is grown right in the grocery store aisles.

Tomorrow I will be back to show you all the wonderful veggies that my Aunt shared with me. If there is anything that says summer more than a freshly picked dinner, I don't know what it is.

Do you garden or have any tips for a gal who would love to grow her own?


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  1. I wish I had tips for you! I kill everything I grow. My mother in law is a great gardener though. Not sure what her secret is ;)

  2. Don't be afraid to fail, all gardeners have, so don't focus on what doesn't work. Keep a journal so you know what you've tried and what/where/how has been successful and what hasn't.

  3. I'm a little jealous of her bountiful garden! All I've gotten so far is 2 very teeny tiny green bell peppers. My tomato plants hardly have any tomatos on them, the rabbits ate the zucchini plants, and the eggplant doesn't look like it is doing anything.


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