Monday, January 2, 2012

Food Rules: Not Your Typical Resolution Plan

January's most popular four-letter word has got to be "diet." Followed by a string of other four-letter words I'm not going to type here :)  But the basic story is that diets are rarely fun.  We do them out of necessity, and we generally feel a little spiteful and resentful because of all the things we're giving up.  And my problem with diets is that the second I stop actively dieting, the weight I've lost just goes back on.  I love food way too much to be very successful at limiting myself to "diet foods" for a long period of time.  So, over the years, I've learned that if I want to trim down, I absolutely have to add exercise into my regimen.  And really, adding in a sixty minute workout versus spending my entire day obsessing over calorie count is actually an easier tradeoff, right?  On top of the awesome calorie burn, working up a good sweat does sooo many good things for me:  It makes me nice, zaps away anxiety, gives me pretty muscle tone, and makes my sleep so very restful.  What I'm trying to say is that I won't be posting a lot of super-restricted recipes here this month.  I'll be sticking to my usual fare of meals that are heavy on the veggies and not terribly decadent with the calorie count.  And, I've assembled a collection of fairly healthy recipes up there on the new Healthy Stuff tab.

But!!  What I will be Resoultion-ing here is a new series around Food Rules.  Have you seen the movie "Food, Inc?"  It really makes you pause to consider where your food came from and the things that are put into it as it's processed.  With all the cancer that has popped up in my family and all the disease and poor health you see on the news every night, "Food, Inc" really inspired me to be more diligent about eating whole foods - those less processed and with fewer additives.

So, each week I'll be posting a couple of new Food Rules from Michael Pollan's book (Food Rules: An Eater's Manual) that I'm trying to adopt into my lifestyle.  Some will be decently easy, others will definitely require some rearranging of how I shop and eat.  But all are in the name of cleaning up my diet and being a healthier version of me, no matter the size printed on my jeans.

Let's Do This!

p.s.  Be sure to check back in tomorrow, because I'm hosting a GIVEAWAY of Michael Pollan's book, plus a couple of other nifty items!! :)

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