Friday, June 8, 2012

Meal Planning

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Happy Friday!!  What have you all got planned for the weekend?  Anything fun for me to be jealous of?  We're talking about going downtown to watch some crazy Redbull Soapbox races, but other than that, we don't have much going on in the way of fun.  Chores are a given :)

I just wanted to drop in and let you know that I've added a new Tab up top there.  Yeah, "Meal Planning."  Sounds tremendously exciting, I know.  But when a friend recently asked me for menu ideas, it got me to thinking.  See, every Saturday morning, I sit down with a trusty notepad, the grocery ads, some cookbooks, and a steaming cup of coffee.  Preferably, on our back patio, if the mosquitoes are off attacking someone else in the neighborhood.

I force myself to sit down and come up with a dinner plan for the week, and then I make my grocery list from that plan.  It sounds horribly Type A and OCD, I'm well aware.  But, when I'm trying to fit in everything I do during the week, the last thing I will even consider is heading to the grocery store.  I can't stand going to the store midweek!  It feels like such a time sink, and I always end up buying more than I intended.  So, I make my lists that I'm so fond of, and do all my shopping on Saturday morning.

So, when my friend asked me about meal ideas, I emailed her my list for that week.  Huh.  I wonder if anyone else wants ideas?  Better yet - I want your ideas for my lists! :)  Thus, our new little Meal Planning tab.  I'm going to start pasting my weekly meal plans there, AND, I'm hoping if you all have awesome weeknight dinner ideas or recipes that are just too fantastic not to share, you'll start adding in comments for the rest of us.  Give a penny, take a penny?  Something like that.

Meet Me for Coffee and List Making Tomorrow?


She has lots of other free printables too, including other styles of Meal Planners, To Do Lists, and more!!

Oh, how I love me some lists!  It's pretty much an illness how much I love making lists.
The kicker?  If they're too messy (as this one is), I'll re-write them before hanging them on the fridge.
(If you're mocking me right now, I'll totally understand.)

(Obviously, the downstairs didn't get vacuumed that day.)          




  1. I just want to agree with your self assessment of Type A/OCD behavior.

    We would probably do something similar and it would help offset food boredom, but we're way too entrenched in the "what do I feel like today?" mindset. It may be on the list for pasta some night, but one or both of us doesn't want pasta. We can be hard to plan for like that.

  2. Hey! I wanted to tell you how much I love you blog! I have a food blog of my own that I started as a way for me to cook more often, i have trouble finding time to keep it up to date, but as long as I have it on a list it gets done. Thanks for posting!

  3. We are totally one in the same as far as list making goes. I came across your blog looking for meal planning templates to try and cut down on the time I take rewriting my sloppy lists. I just moved in with new roommates and I have already got a comment whats with all the lists lying around. I couldn't live with out them. Haha. I guess I just feel like they make keep me focused on what I need to accomplish for the day, week, ect. As far as the grocery planning and meal planning goes, it definitely keeps the grocery bill down. Anyway, I just had to comment even though the original post was ages ago. Thank you for the free templates and happy list writing!


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