Friday, March 19, 2010

Kids In The Kitchen: Ice Cream

When I discovered that Batter Up Kids has a mini ice cream maker, I practically cheered at my desk!  You see, I almost never eat dairy, and that most definitely includes ice cream.  So, when my ice cream maker arrived in the mail, I was beyond excited to try it out with my my new vegan cream. And since I don't have any of my own kids, I borrowed two adorable little ones from my friend :)

The source of immense squealing (on my part, not the kids, lol):

Because the Ice Cream Maker included instructions that didn't require an egg custard, I opted to try their method out first.  It only calls for a few ingredients, 3 steps, and 4 hours of freeze time - too easy! 

I modified their recipe a bit to make a different flavor, and we all gave it a hearty 5 Spoons Up!


Brown Sugar Ice Cream (vegan cream optional):
2 c. heavy cream
dash salt
2/3 c. brown sugar
1 tsp. vanilla
1/3 c. roasted, chopped pecans

Scald cream, but do not boil.  Add brown sugar and salt, stirring to dissolve.  Cool to room temperature and add vanilla.  Distribute between the two Ice Cream Maker cups.  Cover and press the Mix button to mix for 30 seconds.  Leaving the Mix button "on," press the Freeze button and place in the freezer for 3 hours.  Turn both buttons off, pour in the pecans, and turn Maker back on for an additional hour in the freezer.  Makes about 1 pint.

Our 8 year old, Vienne, measured the cream for me:

And her 5 year old sister, Naomi, measured brown sugar:

After I scalded the cream, the girls held the bowl reeeeeally still
for me while I whisked in the sugar and salt:

Vienne poured our mixture into the Ice Cream Maker:

Ready to freeze!

Oh, yes.  We all ended up screaming for ice cream:

Do ya think they liked it??

(And no - this so isn't posed.
I talked to their mom for 5 seconds, and turned back to see this.
Thank goodness for speedy cameras, ha!)

Thank you, Barbara, for awarding me the chance to finally make ice cream that I can eat!!!  I will definitely be making it again with other added ingredients!


  1. What fun! The pictures are gorgeous. What camera do you use?

  2. I finally caved and bought a "fancy camera" last fall. It's a Canon DSLR. It broke the bank, but ohmyyyy, I love it to bits.

  3. How fun it that. I use to make home made ice cream with my Papa (grandpa) It brought back memories..

    Have a great weekend everyone..

  4. Oh, yes, those are the cutest models ever!!!

  5. ok, I'm giving it a try :-)

    We'll be having faux ice cream, yum yum! I'm gonna have one happy little boy.

  6. Kristen, the girls didn't even know/care that it was vegan. They ate enormous portions and then begged for more, it was crazy. Or maybe just all that brown sugar ;)

  7. seriously adorable! And great photos!!!


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