Monday, December 20, 2010

Can you wrap up a Kitchen Fairy please?

I only have one gift idea on my Christmas Wish List this year.  A Kitchen Fairy.  Yes indeed I would welcome her with open arms.  

1.)  She could organize my Tupperware cupboard for starters.  I want to open the cupboard without plastic containers and their lids falling out on to my feet and floor.  Yes a nice neat Tupperware cupboard would be lovely.

2.)  She could clean the oven on a regular basis too.  You see when I'm in the throws of baking and I open the oven door that's when I think to myself, "I must remember to clean the oven soon".  But you know.  When the oven door closes it's really easy to forget (or hide!) what's inside.

3.)  She can also help with menu planning.  Between Dad working 2nd. shift, hockey and basketball practices & games, and school activities it is hard to put together a weeks worth of dinner ideas that are fast, edible and healthy too.

4.)  The coffee pot.  I'd love it if she could remember to have it locked and loaded so all I have to do in the morning is pull the trigger. 

5.)  Keep the cookie jar filled with homemade goodies!  I like it when the neighbors stop in and I have something homemade to offer along with a cup of coffee.  Rotate the recipes because although  the boys could continually eat chocolate chip, I need variety.  It's the spice of life I hear.

6.)  Speaking of spices.  Can she remember to throw away the spices that have expired too?  I did this myself this year and I was amazed to find spices outdated by 3-5 years.  Yikes! 

7.)  I'd assign her the task of replacing our glasses and cups too.  It seems everything we own is mismatched.  I can just imagine her waving her magic wand and ..............presto!  I would open the cupboard to find whole sets of juice, milk and ice tea glasses lined up.  Coffee mugs to warm our hands around that not only match but are not cracked or chipped.

8.)  This may be asking alot but if she could ride the broom around daily and the mop as needed, I'd one happy lady.

9.)  I  have all good intention and not enough time to organize new recipes on line or in my cookbook binder.  It would be wonderful to have a little fairy help with that.

10.)  And the last task the kitchen fairy could help with is putting the groceries away.  I know.  Her fairy wings are beginning to droop.  I don't mind going and getting the groceries but by the time I get them home I've already handled them 4 times.  If she could just put them in the cupboard I would be so grateful. 

What do you think Santa?  Can you wrap up a Kitchen Fairy please?
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  1. Ohhhh...I want a Kitchen Fairy too...I bet they do a better job of it than them Kitchen Witches...hehe...they are so tempermental~!!

  2. If you get her, could you clone her and send one to me??


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