Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2 Days - 2 Meals - 1 Clean Up

A few weeks ago my friend Le'Cinda gave me this great recipe for making 2 meals for 2 nights in a row in the crock pot. Besides tasting supper yummy - you only have to clean the crock pot once! You read that right. ONCE.

Night One: Brisket with fingerling potatoes, carrots, asparagus and salad.


Buy a preseason-ed brisket and place it in a crock pot with enough water to almost cover it. Cook on low over night and the next day. Serve with veggies and a salad. I made fingerling potatoes, carrots, roasted asparagus and a garden salad. Since the main dish was busy cooking away in the crock pot I was able to bring my kids into the kitchen to help with the veggies. They had a ball breaking the tough ends off of the asparagus and peeling carrots. I had a ball because I wasn't stressing out about making sure that everything got done in time for supper. Win -Win.

Night Two: Brisket Beans with fried potatoes and skillet cornbread.


In the cooking liquid that is left over from night one, dump in a bag of brown beans that you have picked. Make sure that you take the time to pick out the broken ones and any stones. Add any remaining brisket and cover with water. Cover and cook on low over night and the next day. Serve with a side and cornbread. I made fried potatoes and skillet cornbread.

Note to self: It's time to upgrade to a bigger crock pot. You have been able to scoot by with the medium size for a while now...but with 4 growing like weed kids...it's past time that you bought one that matches the size of your family. 


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