Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sugar Cookies with Buttercream Frosting

I officially want cookies nowwwwwww!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Or, as I like to think of it - that day when I use a holiday as an excuse to scarf cookies and frosting for breakfast and hoard piles of chocolate wrapped in pink foil.  Who's with me in this? Anyone? :)

This week was filled with cake pop mayhem for me and my side business, so I'm sending out lots and lots of sorries for not posting a fresh new recipe for you today.  I'm hoping to distract you with the photos and link for my very first Blah to Ta-Daa post - Valentine's Sugar Cookies.  They're my very most favorite sugar cookies with my very most favorite buttercream frosting.  I had grand plans to try out two other dessert recipes this weekend, but now I'm tempted to whip up this ol' standby.  Yummmmmm!

Quick question: I'm definitely making Creme Brulee for Valentine's Day dessert - is anyone interested in the recipe and how-to photos?  If so, I'll snap pictures while I'm making it on Sunday.  Let me know!!


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