Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday Fun: 10 Seconds to Peel Garlic

This video has been making the rounds over the past couple of weeks, so I'm passing it on for you all.  Seriously - why didn't we think of this?!

Happy Garlic Dancing,

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  1. Whoa!! That was pretty cool. I'm gonna have to try that out. Are we sure he's not some slight of hand magician who snuck the peeled cloves into the bowl, that seemed too easy.

  2. The video was done by a respected food site - Saveur - so I have to hope that they aren't being big fat liars :) But, let us know how your testing goes!

  3. That really works. :) I've done it before.

  4. Hurrah! It's a tried and tested method! Where did you learn this trick, Mellisa? All the food bloggers out there are oohing and ahhing over this video :)

  5. Pretty sure I must have seen it on the food network. It's a great technique to know so that you can make your own garlic in a jar. Get it all peeled and minced and cover with oil in a jar.

  6. This is so great! Peeling garlic is so frustratingly annoying.

    I like watching his face when he is shaking the bowls. Kinda funny. Thanks for sharing! :-)
    XO - Marion


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