Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fun: Oddball Food Habits

'Mornin!  So, let's get right to it - Do you have any weird-to-other-people food habits?  Foods you love or hate that don't make sense to other people? 

I read the comments on this post the other day and thought it was both hilarious and fun.  And since my parents are here visiting right now, I thought I'd press them for details on their food habits.  Turns out that they don't have as many oddball food things as I do (OCD for the win!), but there are still some "good" ones we came up with.  Even Bo actually had a couple.

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One of my favorite things in life is that bananas will naturally break into thirds.  Isn't nature fascinating?  The only way I eat bananas is to break off a piece, then push it into thirds and eat the thirds individually.  Turns out my dog, Rory, is the same way!  She won't eat a chunk of banana, but she'll eat the thirds I break off for her.  Solidarity!  :)

I love Ranch Dressing on spaghetti, pizza, and lasagna.

Bean & Bacon soup and Vegetable soups are delicious straight from the can.  Something about the cold carrots makes their flavor so much better!

My mom loves salted radish and butter sandwiches.

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Apparently, way back in the day, it was popular to serve "pear salads" at parties - pear halves with a scoop of mayo in the centers, over a bed of lettuce and sprinkled with cheddar cheese.  I distinctly remember being grossed out by this as a kid whenever my parents ate it!

I just learned that my dad won't touch anything peppermint flavored but will chew any flavor of mint gum and not know the difference.

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Dad also loves an over easy fried egg sitting on top of his pancake stack, with syrup poured over the whole thing.

My grampa loved pouring vinegar into his cooked spinach. 

My gramma often served us a slice of white bread with gravy as a side.  Anyone else ever have this?  So good!!

Our first Christmas together, Bo threw me a curveball by insisting we stop to get ice cream on our way to look at lights.  Ice cream?  At Christmas?  But, oh yeah - he's from Florida!  He said that's how they tried to get chilly at Christmas while they were driving around to see lights :)  I've definitely embraced that tradition now; how fun!

My sister loves cold green beans, straight from the can, dipped into yellow mustard.

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Whenever I eat something in colored pieces - like Skittles or M&Ms - I first divide them into piles by color.  Then I eat pieces until each pile has the same number in each.  Then I eat them in order of least favorite to favorite.  I'm always sad when there are tons of greens and purples and hardly any reds or yellows.

So, it's not a shocker when I tell you that I can't stand for my food to touch on my plate.  I'll even take smaller helpings of each item and go back for seconds if it means that my steamed veggies won't dribble into my meat or my carb.  And if I'm being utterly honest with you - big sigh - I'll admit to having occasionally propped an edge of my plate up a little so that juicy items contain themselves and don't spread to the rest of my food. 

Canteloupe just doesn't taste as good if you don't salt it first!

I love salsa, tomato sauce, ketchup, and stewed tomatoes, but I cannot stand raw tomatoes.  The taste, texture, and slime gross me out in a huge way.

Your Turn!!
What are some fun/funny/interesting/weird things
you have with foods??

 So Fun,

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  1. Awesome, these were hilarious. I tried all day and couldn't come up with any food quirks of mine. I have some of Alycia's that I could offer, but she probably wouldn't appreciate my publicizing such things.


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