Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Make It From Scratch: Vanilla Extract, Part 2

Hurrah for adorable and homemade gifts!! 

I finally dug my vodka bottles out of the pantry and got some 4 oz. jars ordered.  So last night, I got everything strained and poured and labeled and ready to wrap up as Christmas gifts.  And I'm pretty darn pleased with how it all turned out.  Scratch that - I love how it all turned out!

Updated Cost List (for a double batch):
Vanilla Beans: $25.19
Vodka: $24
24 Bottles & Lids (including shipping): $27.27
Labels: no cost, because I already had some in our office supplies
Ribbons: no cost, because I had some leftover from my Sarandipity days

With my two vodka bottles brewing in my pantry, I ended up having enough vanilla extract to fill nearly 30 of the 4 oz. bottles!  But because I only ordered 24, I poured the rest into canning jars to keep for myself :)  So, for 30 bottles, the cost per 4 oz. bottle works out to around $2.60 per bottle.  Which is dirt cheap for real vanilla extract.  Plus, you can't beat an adorable personalized and homemade gift, am I right?

Now, Let's Bake Something!


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Wash your jars and lids and have them ready, with a funnel, for pouring.

I first tried straining with a coffee filter, but that took forever and eight days.
This fine mesh sieve does a decent job, but will allow a few seeds through.

Using a funnel, pour into each jar, leaving a little extra space for a piece of vanilla bean.

Snip off a small section of your vodka'd vanilla beans for each jar.
I like the end with the curl because it looks pretty in the jars. 

See?  Pretty!

Then, whip up a cutesy personalized label to slap onto each jar.

And gussy up with a ribbon.  Perfect for gift giving!

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  1. This recipe looks so delicious! And I must admit, adorable pictures!! I made a batch with vodka last year but thinking about making one with rum this year. I used Infinity Jars for the extract and it still smells super fresh.


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