Saturday, June 19, 2010

Taking It Easy

For the weekend we thought we would take it easy...just post a quote, picture or short food article.

Thanks so much for joining us in our kitchens!


Cucumber Punch

2 medium cucumbers
3 cups water
1 can 12 oz frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed
2 liters diet ginger ale, chilled
4 1/2 cups citrus soda, chilled

With a zester or fork, score cucumbers lengthwise; cut width wise into thin slices. in a large pitcher, combine water and lemonade concentrate, add cucumbers. Cover and refrigerate overnight.

Just before serving, transfer cucumber to a punch bowl; stir in ginger ale and citrus soda.

The whole family thought that this was a delicious and refreshing drink! We just kept saying - it's so weird that it tastes so good!


What's your favorite summer drink?


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