Friday, June 25, 2010

Guest Post: Spaghetti Dinner

Because I knew that this week would be a crazy one for me (especially after last week's meltdown), I strong-armed sweetly asked my 12 year old nephew to do a post for me.  He lives cleeeear across the country in the beautiful state of Oregon, and during his summer break, he's in charge of Monday night dinners. Isn't that such a great idea?*  So today's post is one of his favorite dinners to make his family on his night to cook.  Hope you all enjoy it!  (I probably need to get busy shipping him some cake pops or something...)

* He was worried that if other kids in his town got wind of how he's being so helpful to his mom (and me!), that he'd become very unpopular. I assured him that all the brownie points he'll earn from you moms out there will more than compensate for any disgruntled 6th graders who may not be excited about this :)

Quinn's Spaghetti Dinner

Start with easy ingredients:
    1 qt of Spaghetti Sauce (I chose the Fire Roasted Tomato and Garlic by Classico)
    1 pkg of spaghetti noodles (only use about ½ of the package)
    1 ½ lb of Venison burger (no fat in ours)
    1 bag of green salad
    1 tube of Pillsbury French Bread Loaf

Step 1:
    Fill pasta pan with 2/3 water and bring to boil

Step 2:
    Put burger in frying pan and brown

Step 3:
    Put French bread loaf on cooking sheet and follow instructions on the package.

Step 4:
    Once burger is browned you can add sauce (no need to drain because there isn’t any fat).

    Heat burger and sauce on medium until a low boil starts (just a few bubbles start in the sauce) and then put on low heat until you are ready to serve dinner.

Step 5 :
    Add noodles (I usually break them in half before adding them) to the boiling water.

    Stir just a bit and let them come to a boil again. Let them boil for about 3 to 5 minutes and then drain.

Step 6:
    Slice French bread and butter

Step 7:
    Dish the food onto a plate and eat!


  1. Thank you for saving me, Quinn!! You did a fantastic job with all of this!

  2. Go Quinn, your dinner looks great and you are a great help to your family. We need to have a Quinn nite when we go camping! Grandma would really like that! I love Spaghetti.

    5 spoons to you.

  3. Spaghetti dinner tonight it is! Just have to get some bread ;) and my little one will be doing one dinner a week when he gets to be a helpful teen like your nephew!

  4. Looks like a winner to me!! I may just have to put this plan into action in my own family - I mean think about it - with 4 kids - I would only have to cook 3 nights a week!

    Now I just have to wait til they get old enough.

  5. He did do an awesome job and it tasted great. We will have to do his sloppy joes again and send our stuff to Aunt Sara. That was his favorite so far to make.... well besides doing STEAK on the grill (less dishes to clean up and he likes his beef)!!! I am very blessed with the wonderful Son that God gifted to me and my hubby!


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