Monday, August 16, 2010

Teresa's Questionare

What is your go to dish: Spaghetti with meat sauce.

Who are you cooking for: Daily I cook for myself, my husband and our 3 younger children. On

Sunday our oldest son and his wife join us for dinner as well.

How did you learn to cook: I learned to cook by trial and error and but older women who surrounded me was the most helpful.

Worse recipe disaster: Oh! Hands down the worst cooking disaster was thinking that using the parsnip broth would add more flavor to the soup. Yuck! It was so nasty and did it ever stink the house up! It ruined the crock pot too.

Best recipe: Everyone loves homemade bread, especially Anadama.

Do you take your kids in the kitchen: As much as they want too. They learn so much and it's such a good time together.

Personal cooking goals: I've said it before, but I'd really like to tackle vegetarian recipes.

Favorite cooking utensil: I have a slotted spoon with a wooden handle. It's very old. I think it originally had red or green paint on the handle but every bit of it is worn off. It just feels so good to hold.

Favorite Method of cooking: I love using the crock pot. It truly does simplify life.

Do you bake: Oh yes! This is when the kids are with me the most in the kitchen. Cookies, cakes, breads, oh my!

Favorite Beverage while cooking: Diet Coke. It gets hot in the kitchen!

Does your husband/Boyfriend cook: Well...... David is a diner junkie. So he has mastered eggs of all sorts and home fries on the griddle. He even has this thing about warming the plates before serving.

Childhood memory about food: My mother's motto: "If it comes from a can or a box, no problem!"

What is your favorite food to eat: Cheese!

Favorite place to go eat at when you don't want to cook: The Mediterranean Kitchen. I get Moussaka cravings! :)

What do you want to teach your children through cooking: I want them to be comfortable in the kitchen and to enjoy serving others, making people feel good. I want them to feel a sense of accomplishment and by all means I want them to learn to leave the kitchen as clean as when they entered it.

What is your favorite dessert: Nana Shirley's chocolate cake.

What is your favorite junk food: Popcorn. I've always been an addict of hot, buttery, salted popcorn.

Do you have a food weakness: Yes. I fall prey to repeating the same "go to" meals over and over weekly.

What time is supper/dinner: Dinner is served at 6:00.


  1. My gramma's name is Shirley too! :)

    I love that you and I are both diet soda drinkers in the kitchen :)

  2. love the look of your new blog.. Great way to get to know you better.


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