Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Back to school week- boxed luch toddler style

ok, so I would love some feedback on this. I have worlds pickiest child and she is very hard to get to eat anything besides a PB&J... among a few other select items.


I don't have school aged children so my recipe/idea... no real recipe is just a portable lunch, fun way to spice it up, (would have been perfect for a picnic)


Heart sandwiches = whole wheat bread, natural PB, honey. Use a cookie cutter whatever shape you have and cut the sandwiches into fun shapes, I got 3 hearts out of one sand which, you could do variety of shapes, or stack them with toothpicks to make other shapes.

Finger foods= string cheese, nuts, pretzels, blueberries or any fruit, carrot sticks, applesauce and other little container things, candy... etc whatever you want and as healthy as you want.

Drink: MILK, we love milk at our house, but fruit juice if 100% juice, or water is the next options. Have fun!! I can't rate this but my dd seemed to rate it a 5... she was extremely happy to see her sandwich cut into shapes and loved that I gave her blueberries. She did leave the carrot sticks and cheese sitting there lonely... no party in her tummy for them! **Yo gabba gabba fans What do you do for your picky children? Have you heard of MTM (muffin tin Monday?) It's a blog meme I wanted to try one of these days, today would have been perfect for it, but I wonder if eating out of a muffin tin would please her... *shrug* I have learned if she makes her lunch she often eats more of it if any at all... I got all the stuff out to make real sandwiches with lunch meat etc... she ended up making a mustard and cheese sandwich.. LOL but she ate it... ! :)


All of these items are easily thrown in little baggies or reusable baggies, and taken anywhere... The milk works for a sippy cup- but most school aged kids don't have sippy's LOL

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  1. Now I kinda want my pbj cut into heart shapes... :)

  2. Maybe I should try this with my kids for a fun surprise...wonder what kind of cookie cutters I have.

  3. I know, I wanted my sandwhich in cute shapes! :) Thanks girls

  4. LOL! That looks EXACTLY like my 4 yr old's meals...the only thing different is that he likes his meals in the divided plates. I've also used bento boxes & he loves that.


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