Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Getting to Know Me:


What is your go to dish: It really depends of what occasion it's for...potlucks or company...I make a grazing plate of cheeses, meats, hot sauced nuts, olives and bread...very fancy (but secretly easy) and for just at home cooking...it's Turkey Chili all the way!!

Who are you cooking for: My Family: Hubby and I have 4 kids from ages 3-9. I made the mistake of only giving my oldest things that I thought kids would like...and now he only eats what you would think kids would like...but with the other 3-- I learned from my mistake and they eat everything that I do!! We all just convince my 9 year old to try it.

How did you learn to cook: When my first was born, I was lucky enough to be able to stay at home with him...we would watch the food network every day while we played and cleaned...I always thought that they made things that I never could...until one day I tuned in at the right time and caught 30 min meals with Rachael Ray...she was so good at explaining that the recipes she did were just methods...that I started giving it a try!!

Worse recipe disaster: I was getting some dishes ready to take to my Mother-in-Law's for Thanksgiving dinner and I had to many things going on at once...I pulled a glass 9 x 13 out of the oven full of the Yummiest pumpkin dessert - Ooey Gooey Butter Cake -and put it one the stove top...a few seconds later it literally exploded all over my kitchen!! Turns out I had left one of the burners on low ON and if you can imagine -- there was Pumpkin everywhere!! I just sat and cried...not only was it ruined but there was a shower of glass in my other dishes...So I didn't get to bring anything to Thanksgiving...Lesson Learned -- Check those Burners!!

Best recipe: Grazing Plate or Turkey Chili

Do you take your kids in the kitchen: Yes!! My mom worked - Which I am having to do now - and didn't have the time or the energy to teach me to cook...I really want to make sure that they are more prepared than I was.

Personal cooking goals: I want to try out something new every week...I want to make the recipes that I tear out of magazines instead of stuffing them in a drawer...I want to learn to bake bread from scratch...and I want to teach my kids the same love of creating food that I have!

Favorite cooking utensil: A Giant Cutting board and my Garbage bowl!!

Favorite Method of cooking: (i.e. crock pot, one pot meals, bbq etc..) I love to make soups, chili's and stews so I would have to say one pot wonders.

Do you bake: No -- But I am really wanting to learn.

Favorite Beverage while cooking: Coffee with splenda.

Does your husband/boyfriend cook: Yes!! Esp when I go on strike...this happens sometimes when I get tired of everyone expecting me to do everything!! LOL - His specialty is breakfast for dinner.

Childhood memory about food: I always loved visiting my Grandma Lulu's...she always had puppy chow (chex mix) in her freezer...every Christmas when I make this for my kids, she is who I am thinking about.

What is your favorite food to eat: BEAR CLAWS and Frito Chili Pie -- just not together.

Favorite place to go eat at when you don't want to cook: My actual favorite is ordering in Pizza or Chinese...but if we go out I love to go to the Cheese Cake Factory!! They have the yummiest food!

What do you want to teach your children through cooking: I want to teach them creativity and confidence in the kitchen. I want them to be able to take care of themselves and the families that they will have. I want to teach my boys to help their wives and my daughter all the things that I wish I had known when I first started my family.

What is your favorite dessert: This is a hard one...I am more of a carb girl...not so much into the sweets...but If I had to pick just one dessert-- Cake Pops!!

What is your favorite junk food: Carbs-- bring on the crackers, chips and all other crunchy - big butt making - thunder thigh creating -- Carb Goodness!

Do you have a food weakness: BEAR CLAWS; I know that they are over 500 calories a piece, but every once in a while I eat them!

What time is supper/dinner: I usually start cooking supper around 6:00 -- this is a far cry from where we were when Hubby worked night's -- used to be 10:30!!


  1. Oh dear - you are just the sweetest for giving me a shoutout! I've actually been thinking about your munchkins lately, and wanting to send them a please-forget-about-the-monkeys package :)

    I've really been wanting to get into bread baking! Want to "join" me?!

  2. I know you've baked a cake from scratch...bread is SO much easier. Start with Peasant Bread...seriously you will wonder why you've been even thinking it is something hard! I promise!


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