Wednesday, September 1, 2010

lil' smokies in a blanket

You've all heard of pigs in a blanket so this is my version and believe me it's a 5 spoon and there is NEVER any left!

ready to bake Cresent rolls
lil smokies in your choice of flavor, we like cheddar

so it's not really a recipe but it's a fast meal that we wanted to share.

POP open that tube that makes you pee your pants it scares you so bad when it pops, divide the cresents and cut into three smaller triangles EACH... then wrap one or two "piglets" lil smokies in each one and place on a baking sheet,


you'll have spare lil smokies so just throw them on there like I do. Then bake as the cresent rolls directions and WALA, fast, fun and even picky kids eat them!!!


I will also say that we often eat steamer packs here, because sometimes it's faster than fresh and frozen is a great alternative, because canned sometimes aren't as tasteful and are packed in a lot of SALT...


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