Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Road Trip: Savannah Photos

Hey, y'all! 

Ok, that's not how I really talk but I felt it was appropriate considering that we drove to Savannah from Atlanta, and I do live in the South after all and have friends with adorable accents.  Call it my spirited and festive fake drawl :)

The trip itself was a lot of fun.  We drove the 4ish hours to Savannah and just did our own thing for a couple of days.  It was fantasticcccc to get away.  We did the histortic bus tour (I highly recommend it) and walked around, enjoying how beautiful and historical the city is.  I'm posting a ton of photos to my personal blog this week, if you're interested in pictures of the amazing parks, waterfront, and cemetery.


Where I didn't go - Paula Deen's Lady & Sons restaurant.  Sorry!  But the wait was hours long, and we weren't even hungry when we still had a chance to get in line.  Later, when we went by, the line was for the bar only and didn't budge an inch in the 20 minutes we stood there.  I decided that I'd have to be content with photos of the outside, and we wandered off to do more sightseeing.

This is the line to get your name on the list for dinner five hours later.

The Pirates House is on the list for must-see in Savannah.  It's the oldest house in Georgia, and they built a restaurant around it.  Click-zoom to read the place mat photos below for all kinds of awesome history.

The place mats actually had a lot more history and stories than our guide mentioned:
(click to zoom and read)

It doesn't get much more Southern than sweet tea, fried pickles, and a biscuit with peach jelly.

  I ordered a crab cake sandwich that was messy and delicious.

Let me first remind everyone that I'm currently not eating sugar.  I decided that I would absolutely splurge on one sugar-laden treat for the weekend.  So, when I saw this sign, I immediately ducked into the shop before Bo even realized that I was gone.

This guy making pralines gave me a sample!

I bought one of these for Bo - who would be buried in caramel, chocolate, and pecans, if given the option - and I had to put up the biggest fuss before he agreed to let me try a tiny bite of it.

White and milk chocolate covered marshmallows, on a stick, with sprinkly toppings.  Why have I not made these yet??

One block down the waterfront was another candy shop:

With its own guy making pralines.

But!  The huge, big, major difference is that this shop smelled like heavennnnn.  Have you ever smelled warm caramel and roasted pecans and loads and loads of melted butter??  Add that to your bucket list, because holy goodness, it was to.die.for.  After getting mildly drunk off the scent, I rushed outside to shriek at Bo to get in there and smell it.

We considered all the popular, go-to places, and I read hundreds of reviews and lists recommending where to eat in Savannah.  But after all the fried fish and slaw and sandwiches, I was craving Italian food slathered in red sauce.  I picked a casual place called Leoci's, with a back patio strung in twinkly lights.  It was perfect.  We sat near a fan, under this twinkly tent, and instantly relaxed.  It was definitely our kind of place to eat (it's dog friendly, even!).

Bo ordered a delicious house wine, and as usual, I opted for a glass of something bubbly.

Leoci's makes their pasta fresh daily, and if you ever go, order the lasagna.  It was the most amazing lasagna I've ever tasted.  Ever ever ever in the whole wide world.

(Sorry for the blurry photo.  By this point, Bo was tired of my stealing his plate and mucking with my phone's camera settings to take eighteen hundred photos of his meal.)  Turns out that the lasagna is ten layers of their fresh pasta, with very little cheese between the layers.  But it is heavenly creamy in your mouth.  Something about their homemade pasta is incredibly creamy and almost puffy.  I must have it again.  Must.

As amazing as those candy shops smelled, I'm just not a huge fan of pralines or fudge (add that to my list of reasons I'm one day getting kicked out of the South).  You see, for me, the very best sugar indulgence involves cake and piles of fluffy buttercream frosting.  So, we visited a late night dessert shop called Lulu's.

A golden yellow cake with fresh strawberry buttercream.  It was four hundred percent worth the splurge and worth the wait for sugar.  And yes, I ate it while sitting in our hotel bed, under the covers.

p.s. A week later, and I'm still thinking about that lasagna.

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  1. I want to go to Savannah so bad now. We are going to Georgia next month and it might be a great day trip.

    The pictures made me hungry.


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