Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Happy Farmer's Market Week!

Did you know that this week is National Farmers Market Week?  It's seven days of celebrating all the awesomeness of farmers markets - gotta love that!

On Sunday, we finally visited the Dekalb Farmers Market here in Atlanta.  It was our first trip there, and we were super impressed.  Let me just say, that place is freaking enormous.  It's like the Costco of farmers markets, and it had everything you could think of: 24 separate bins of potatoes, 4 different varieties of plantains, 14 kinds of shrimp, and aisles and aisles of ethnic and specialty foods.  The produce was awesomely priced, and a lot of it was organic.  I found a zillion things for gluten-free diets, and three whole shelves of my favorite red chili garlic paste.  I could have spent two hours in there, just exploring all the crazy things they keep in stock.  I think our next trip down there will be a little better planned, but we will definitely be back.

What about you?  Do you have any plans to celebrate National Farmers Market Week?  What are your favorite items at farmers markets?


p.s.  For some reason, photography is not allowed in this farmers market.  So pretend that I don't have a fancy cell phone camera and pretend that you didn't see the following photos.... ;)

This photo doesn't even come close to capturing how ridiculously crowded it was!
Notice the numbered signs above...

... And, we're finally at the other end of the produce area.  Oh, and it's 3 aisles deep.
Yes, it was that enormous!

So many different kinds of honey!

A whole aisle of Asian sauces

Soooooo many different varieties of flour!
Cilantro for only 39 cents a bunch?!

Enormous mushrooms

Sugar cane!

Swimming fish - How do they all know to point in the same direction? :)

A huge tub of live crab.

A huge container of cinnamon for only 80 cents.
And 3lbs of organic whole wheat pastry flour for $2.31.

How big was that bunch of collard greens in that top photo?
Nearly as big as our Rottie :)

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  1. I am all kinds of jealous right now. That's in your backyard? AMAZING!

  2. Well, it's a 40 minute drive ;) BUT - I did just find out that there's one 20 minutes away that's supposed to be just as big, but with more ethnic items. Field trip #2 coming right up!

  3. Is that place open year round? All week? It looks like a more permanent grocery type store, only with several iterations of awesomeness. Very very cool.

  4. @Gaucho - It's open 7 days a week, all year. It's kinda like Henry's in SoCal, but way way giant-er.

  5. that place is amazing! AMAZING! and I love the prices! A girl can only dream......

  6. It is a great place, I want to go there once.


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