Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mini Crabby Patties

If your kids are anything like mine you'll agree that as long as their meals have fun names associated to their favorite characters, we can get them to eat just about anything!

For those of you who don't know, I bake a great deal of my children's foods because they both have severe food allergies to dairy, eggs, and all nuts. However, DaddyMac & I don't eat according to their diet {I just can't bare to live without "real" cheese!}. But, it's important to me that I find recipes that can be easily modified so that they feel like we are all eating the same thing. This easy, kid-friendly recipe is perfect to accomplish just that!


The CEO's Mini "Crabby Patties"

1 pound chop meat
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 onion, chopped
few dashes of garlic powder
1 package Pillsbury Place n' Bake Biscuits
cheese, lettuce, pickles for toppings

Mix the first 4 ingredients together {involve your kids if you'd like!} and shape into small patties. Grill {stovetop or on the outdoor grill} until cooked to your liking.

After they've cooled, slice each biscuit in half. Place a mini-burger on one side topped with a slice of cheese & whatever fixin's you'd like. Top with ketchup and the remaining biscuit.

Pair with some applesauce and enjoy these fun "Mini Crabby Patties!" Your kids will certainly give these 5 spoons!

~ Chrissy MacCEO


  1. My kids would love this!! Spongebob would be proud!!

  2. that is too awesome! My dd would love this idea! I think so would my hubs!!!

    The Buzz,


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