Friday, October 8, 2010

Antique Shopping = Trouble for My Wallet


I think I might have fallen in love with this china set that I saw in a local antique store. I really really really want it for my Thanksgiving Table this year.  Look at those sweet square plates - I can just see my pies being served on them.

I don't have a set of dishes from my wedding or a set that was passed down - so this seems like the obvious solution to a problem that I didn't even know existed until I saw them.

The only deterrent?

Check out that whopping price tag. That doesn't include the serving platter, napkins and rug that obviously goes so well with MY dishes.

So what's a girl to do?

Here's the plan: I am going to cash in my change that we save for rainy days (we both wait tables so there is always a ton of it) and try to convince Hubby that this set will make my turkey look so spectacular that I must have it. I have shown him this picture...but his only reaction is to say "I love that you love it." Not sure what that means for my chances of actually getting My dishes. But maybe if I just keep referring to them as Mine that will do some good.

What have you seen lately that you just had to have?


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  1. I would try shopping at thrift stores for better prices. Start building your collection there. The prices are way better than antique shops. If you have Salvation Army or Goodwill nearby you got a start.

  2. I actually have been eyeing a Cottage Rocker from Plow and Hearth for 5 yrs.
    At the time we moved into the house, our budget didnt allow me to pay $400 for a chair plus shipping.
    But now we are enlarging our living room and kitchen, so I suggested it might be a good time to sell off some of the older, and replace it with "my" rocker. ;)

    Can someone say Yard Sale?

  3. Those are beautiful. I see your dilemma! Ask your husband for an early Christmas present, how could he say no?!

  4. First I have to say that this might be my new favorite blog.

    Second...I bought myself china a few years ago. We didn't register for China when we got married, and I didn't have any hand me downs coming my way either. So I bought two similar sets at Macy's on sale so I could mix and match for 16 place settings.

    Was it the most practical purchase ever? Nope. Did I have to scrimp and save and sell some stuff on ebay to afford the $300 price tag? Yep. DO I LOVE MY CHINA?? Absolutely. Everytime I get it out I feel so fancy and grown up. It reminds me of holiday dinners at my grandmother's house when all the pretties would be on the table.

    $200 isn't bad for a full set of antique dishes. If you love them and you will use them, go for it! You'll have fun treasure hunting for serving pieces. And this set is gorgeous.

    If hubby says he loves it because you do, that's about as big of a thumbs up as you can hope to get from a guy about flowery plates. You know what I mean...?


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