Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brandy's Questionaire

What is your go to dish: Hubs and I talked about this and we couldn't put our finger on it. It used to be shepherds pie, then tacos, then dutch oven potatoes, and most recently chicken pot pie, but we would get sick of something and then rarely eat it again LOL

Who are you cooking for: Hubs, Love bug-2yr old Daughter, and someday Piglet 4mo. old daughter- she currently is on a "mama's milk" diet only.

How did you learn to cook: I learned from my mother and MAINLY from my "foods" class in 9Th grade.

Worse recipe disaster: I don't remember what it was called, it had rice, chicken and other stuff and it called for a FEW of the pepper seeds and I threw in what I thought was a FEW and packed it up for a picnic (hubs was working that day) and we each took a bite and spit it out, my tongue was on fire and I couldn't taste a thing for the rest of the day... :( HORRIBLE!

Best recipe: Jerk Chicken... yummmmmmm

Do you take your kids in the kitchen: I love to try to get love bug in the kitchen she loves to "help" yesterday she washed the potatoes and then I peeled them and she re-washed them... and she also dumped the sauce and spices in the crock pot for me. :)

Personal cooking goals: To get my family to eat more veggies, my hubs RARELY eats them and Love bug won't even try them! (she does love tomatoes!) To try more variety of things and expand our weekly menus.

Favorite cooking utensil: I love silicone spatulas would use them on everything if I could, OH and silicone tongs!

Favorite Method of cooking: (i.e. crock pot, one pot meals, BBQ etc..) Well I have to say BBQ/Dutch Oven: cause in our house that's assigned to hubs. :) I really like one pot meals If I had to pick.

Do you bake: I do, but I really don't like to, because I suck at it!

Favorite Beverage while cooking: WATER... I know I'm boring!

Does your husband/Boyfriend cook: Yes, anytime it's BBQ/ Dutch oven cooking he is assigned. AND I told him he has to cook one night a week so I can have one night off and he picked Tuesdays... :) Sweet I know, but sometimes it is scary, he knows how to cook things like hot pockets... and only used a microwave before we got married.

Childhood memory about food: not sure I have one of those....

What is your favorite food to eat: WOW that's tough I like food a whole lot. Ummmm..... I really do love Mexican food but I only know how to cook one Mexican dish... I do love Lasagna and Chinese too!

Favorite place to go eat at when you don't want to cook: Cafe Rio- fast food, or sit down at Chili's, or Chin Wah's. Although no one beats Applebee's blondie brownie dessert!

What do you want to teach your children through cooking: To use fresh ingredients and to enjoy cooking because it's better and healthier for you.

What is your favorite dessert: Sorry again I just can't pick ONLY one: Magic bars, banana creme pie, Chex mix, Sara's cake pops, and now Sara's carmel corn.

What is your favorite junk food: Well I have to say prob. the Chex mix or Sara's Carmel Corn because I eat too many and they disappear sometimes the same day! :(

Do you have a food weakness: Sometimes I think I can just throw a few ingredient together that sound good in my head... but it never tastes as good as it sounds.

What time is supper/dinner: When hubs gets home which is usually between 6-7


  1. Awwwwww..thank you for the love!

    (Here's the caramel corn link if anyone wants to know what the heck there is to love. Yumm-O! )

  2. I was going to link so ooops,! I will go fix it!


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